Women Traveling Alone Important Safety Tips

It would be unrealistic to treat women and men in the context of travel the same. Women traveling alone are more often affected by differences in social relations and local religious beliefs. However, the attention you give the male does not mean that the situation is problematic in itself. You sometimes attract male attention in your country of origin without there being an attack on your safety! As a woman traveling alone, it is possible that you arouse more a sincere curiosity than sexual desire. This is not a reason to put yourself in a vulnerable position.


  • Wear a wedding ring This old thing still works, although it is less effective than formerly, change of manners obliges.
  • The padded bra replaces the wallet belt. Remove the stuffing, put your tickets! Be careful, however, to remain credible.
  • Traveling light makes you less vulnerable. You will be better able to react to problems and will generally be less targeted as a tourist.
  • Make sure of the meaning of an invitation before accepting. At the slightest doubt, refuse. Nothing prevents you to change your mind.


Dress codes for a woman on a trip

Dress codes are the most visible reflection of the culture of a region. Whether for religious reasons or simply for the maintenance of social order, the choice of clothing takes a particular dimension for women traveling alone both in terms of intercultural sensitivity and for simple security reasons. The social rules are sometimes even framed by the laws, which oblige the wearing of the veil or of an outfit judged decent. We do not laugh with the police of good morals! As an indication, note that the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, South Asia (Afghanistan and Pakistan) and North Africa (especially Algeria and Egypt) are considered very conservative regarding women’s clothing.

It would be tedious and quickly outdated to describe dress codes appropriate to each country or region of the world. In addition, you will need to be judgmental: it is not because local girls are discovering their shoulders or wearing miniskirts that it is appropriate, respectful, or cautious for you to do so. But the opposite is also true, foreigners then forming a kind of “third sex” for which certain behaviors or dress codes are tolerated … If few travelers walk alone in the region, you will attract curious glances, even from the women traveling alone!

Finally, if you travel a long time, you will begin choosing some essential clothes; which will be useful in the majority of the countries you will visit. You will then need to supplement your outfit with some pieces bought on site, following the advice of local women or expatriates.

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